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By 小桜にゃの@ついった

Guardian of the Sky, Guardian of the Sea
It’s common knowledge that Ho-Oh is based on the mythical “phoenix”, while Lugia is based on the legend of the… uh…  ”whale-dragon-bird-thing-that-has-wings-but-not-real-wings-they-are-like-hand-wings”.
Thanks to ShadeofShinon for this beautiful fan art!

 Pepper Potts (in Rescue Armor a.k.a. Stark Solutions X-51 Stealth Infiltrator Armor) from Iron Man   Cosplayer: Angela Bermúdez [DA | TW | FB | YT]  Photographer: Andres H.

i love when u go to hot topic and u see a family in there and you can always tell exactly which child made the rest of the family go in